Chemical safety

One central element of Sustainable Chemistry deals with intrinsically safe chemicals throughout their life-cycles: articles themselves, their production, processing, use and disposal. Intrinsically safe chemicals and products are characterised by low toxicity to the environment and human health and low persistence and accumulation potential. Safe products and articles are produced with well-investigated chemicals and demonstrate the following features: low risk for man and the environment, minimum risk for occupational health, sufficient product information, transparent hazard information and risk assessment for intended use provided by the producer or importer.

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Chemical Leasing

Chemical leasing is a relatively new business model in which the customer pays for (i.e., “leases”) the benefit of a chemical, but does not actually take ownership of the chemical from the chemical manufacturer. This concept is a service-oriented business model, that shifts the focus from increasing sales volumes of chemicals towards a value-added application.

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) defines chemical leasing as:

[A] service-oriented business model that shifts the focus from increasing sales volume of chemicals towards a value-added approach. The producer mainly sells the functions performed by the chemical and functional units are the main basis for payment. Within Chemical Leasing business models the responsibility of the producer and service provider is extended and may include the management of the entire life-cycle. Chemical Leasing is a win-win situation. It aims at increasing the efficient use of chemicals while reducing the risks of chemicals and protecting human health. It improves the economic and environmental performance of participating companies and enhances their access to new markets. Key elements of successful Chemical Leasing business models are proper benefit sharing, high quality standards and mutual trust between participating companies.

Chemical leasing can be applied in a broad variety of services such as cleaning, coating, greasing, and others.

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