List of websites related to production processes and processing


Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment
Sustainable Production and Consumption Patterns


Carnegie Mellon University
Institute for Green Oxidation Chemistry


Center for Sustainable Resource Processing (CSRP)
Australian Cooperative Research Centres Program of the Department of Education and Science and Training


European Bureau for Standardization (CEN)
Provides information on the Production Processes of the CEN System


Fona - Research for Sustainability
Reports on sustainability in production systems


Green Chemistry
Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge


Organic Chemistry Portal
Overview of recent topics, interesting reactions, and information on important chemicals for organic chemists


The Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
Research Institute and Networker on Sustainable Production


UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation)
Cleaner Production


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Sustainable Consumption and Production


University of Camebridge
Production Processes Group - research into manufacturing technology


University of Leicester
Leicester Green Chemistry Group


VeruTEK Technologies
VeruTEK Technologies Announces Cooperative Agreement with Carnegie Mellon University Technology Start-Up, Green Ox Catalysts

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