Substitution of hazardous substances

Substitution of hazardous substances is a key tool of Sustainable Chemistry. Substitution is already taking place in industry, in particular in optimisation of processes. However, substitution of hazardous substances is a long-term process. For industry, substitution can be an opportunity to demonstrate innovation and to potentially gain a competitive advantage, although in some areas it is rather cost-intensive.

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Renewable raw materials

Preservation of resources is a key objective of Sustainable Chemistry. Recent increased interest in renewable raw materials in industrialised and emerging economies reflects the change of views in this area. Especially in the fuel and energy sector, renewable feedstock is gaining support and initiating innovation. Also, within the chemical sector, increasing use of renewable raw materials is encouraging. However, it should be ensured that production of renewable raw materials does not overtake food production and nature conservation. The intensity with which plant-based renewable resources are cultivated is an important related issue.


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